17 EMF Protections

1) Turn off Wi-Fi router, especially at bedtime (and whenever not using).
2) Cell phone hygiene:
i) Keep cell phone on airplane mode when not actively using the phone.
ii) If you need to make a call on the cell phone, use the speaker phone function rather than placing the device close to your ear.
iii) EMF blocking devices are available for a cell phone that can be used along with common sense use of airplane mode and physical distance for protection.
iv) “Blue tube” if headset is needed
3) Use corded landlines rather than cordless landlines, as cordless phone base stations have very high levels of wireless radiation.
4) Hard-wiring your office and home with ethernet are safer ways to achieve connectivity for your devices. Wired mouse and keyboard as well.
5) You may want to consider an EMF meter to monitor EMF exposure and assess the impact of interventions.
6) You may want to consider purchasing http://www.the5Gsummit.com to get information on not only the principles involved, but also details about specific devices and processes.
7) Avoid wearables such as wireless watches, wireless sleep monitors, wireless headsets and fitness type devices.
8) Avoid wireless baby monitors.
9) Electricity hygiene:
a) Unplug clocks and other powered devices at night, and move them away from sleeping locations. These emit a subtle magnetic field shown to adversely impact biological systems.
b) Turn off breaker switches to bedroom circuits at night. (Use a small flashlight if you need to get up during the night.)
10) Shielding technology: EMF blankets and bed canopies. (Reduce electric fields by shutting off breakers and using blanket and bed canopy fabrics that you can ground with a plug-to-gator cord.)
11) Dirty electricity (also known as voltage transients) affects our health by radiating electric and magnetic fields into room and harmonic frequencies greater than the usual 60 hz cycle. Dirty electricity can be minimized by minimizing dimmer switches, compact fluorescent light bulbs, smart meters, older LED and halogen fixtures, variable speed motors such as energy efficient furnaces, front loading washing machines, power tools and all solar panel inverters. The new halogen incandescent light bulbs are a reasonable choice. Whole house DE mitigation systems are available.
12) Refuse or opt out of your electric, water and gas utilities smart meter program. (Opt-out letter sample below).
13) Building biology consultation may be helpful in some cases (especially if illness is severe, as in autism or autoimmune conditions).
14) Avoid metal bed frames and metallic elements found in box springs and conventional mattresses.
15) Removal of metal tooth restorations may be helpful (extremely important to work with a dentist who has done this work successfully). Also, discontinuation of metal dental appliances may also be helpful.
16) Improvement in health parameters, especially detoxification of metals such as mercury, aluminum, and others (may require medical consultation).
17) Protecting yourself from non-native EMF may involve having a cell tower removed. Ray Broomhall outlines a proven legal process utilizing classic assault law in order to do that

The contents of this article have not been evaluated by the FDA nor approved by any other government or official body. Nothing offered online or offline is intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or disorder of any kind.

Many suggestions in this article are sourced from www.the5gsummit.com


The contents of this article have not been evaluated by the FDA nor approved by any other government or official body. Nothing offered online or offline is intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or disorder of any kind.

Many suggestions in this article are sourced from https://www.inonaround.org/emf/

**************SAMPLE LETTER TO UTILITY COMPANY******************

City, ST Zip Code


Xcel Energy Advanced Metering Infrastructure Team

Xcel Energy
414 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55401



Dear Xcel Energy and Xcel Energy Smart Metering Team:

I, Name, and I, Name, do NOT consent to your or any smart meter, including but not limited to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), as they are not proven safe. I, Name, and I, Name, do not authorize Xcel Energy or any other company to put any smart meter, including but not limited to any Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), on our property located at Your Address. Please record this do not consent information officially into our Xcel Energy account number XX-XXXXXXX-X.

It is common knowledge and fully supported by evidence, peer reviewed and published research, science and facts that smart utility meters including all Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), electronic utility meters and all utility meters which contain any digital or electronic components whatsoever:

  1. Are fire hazards due to lack of surge protectors in violation of necessary standards for utility meters.
  2. Cannot withstand typical grid surges.
  3. Cause damage to, or destroy, homes, lives and structures when damaged by grid surges.
  4. Emit biologically harmful “pulsed” EMF radiation continually (whether transmitting data or not).
  5. Create and collects personal data of private activities in the home in violation of law.
  6. Allow sharing of data of personal living habits with utility personnel and others without authorization of the property owner and occupants.
  7. Fatally disrupt and disables medical devices such as Pacemakers.
  8. Cause wasted electricity and health-damaging transients by the improper placement and use of a of a switch mode power supply within the utility meter.
  9. Cause heating and antenna effects upon any metal body implants, which damage body tissues.
  10. Cause damage to health and life by placing high-energy radio transmitters in close proximity to human living spaces.
  11. Represent excess equipment costs with more expensive meters and represent more frequent replacement of the more expensive meters, all of which costs will be passed on to ratepayers via excess and unnecessary charges when this alternate “Smart” metering is unnecessary.
  12. Represent unnecessary higher service costs in the processing and storing of data collected and general maintenance of the wireless grid network.
  13. Represent unlawful invasion of privacy by the harvest and exploitation of databases of information about the personal and private activities inside the home without the consent of the owners, occupants and guests.


The above violations and abuses cannot be authorized by any lawful easement contract and represents unlawful and highly dangerous trespass on our property for which major liabilities will arise for which you are fully and personally responsible as authorizing and administering the policies which brought about and/or maintain the trespass and hazards. We/I, as a utility customers, hereby do not consent to assume such hazards and damages as a condition of receiving electric service or as a means of extortion of additional service payments from us in return for safe, lawful and reliable metering which has been provided for many decades without any such penalty charges, without service problems, without transients, without fires, without RF radiation and without surveillance by the safe and lawful utilization of electromechanical utility meters.

Please respond to our notification in writing.

This letter does not waive any rights or arguments we may bring in court.


Printed Name (Sign above)                                    Printed Name (Sign above)