Do you know anybody who would love to just go meet their friend at a coffee shop?

I doubt that anyone is excited about keeping life as we know it on hold for another 2 weeks!

Have you noticed that nothing of real importance happens as fast as you wanted to?

Of course, as unique as this time seems to us, the history books are filled with equally unique challenges entire cultures have endured over the years, so this may not be the last test of our patience as a country!

Keeping this in mind, would you like me to tell you the secret to having patience with anything that's taking too long?

The real secret to patience is hope.

Here's a real simplistic example:

Have you ever re-watched a real intense and suspenseful movie that has a completely positive ending?

Wasn't it easier to endure all the suspense, knowing ahead of time that it has a happy ending?

Why not apply that same principle to any challenging situation you face?

I don't mean to minimize difficult or even tragic circumstances, but isn't it true that hope for the future can't disappoint us?

It's like the proverbial man without shoes who was feeling a little hopeless until he looked up and saw a man with no feet.

The truth is, there's a solution to every problem, as long as we hold on to that hope.

Let's talk a little more about nurturing hope.

I believe the path to hope is vision.

The first example that comes to mind is Nelson Mandela.

Twenty-seven years in prison did not distort his vision for a South Africa without the evils of apartheid.

Can I share another example with you that's a little “closer to home”?

Recently, a young man in an adjoining neighborhood returned from a business trip to find a newly planted cell tower 30 ft from his 1-year-old's bedroom window.

Long story short, this young man and I are taking steps to have this monstrosity removed before it impacts the health of his children, let alone the loss of resale value to his home.

How do you think Jake feels when he looks at that cell tower every day?

Do you think he feels a little like Nelson Mandela looking at prison walls all those years?

Here's my point:

Remember, we're saying the path to hope is vision.

Every meeting I've ever had with Jake has been totally positive and upbeat.

How does Jake stay so positive? It's because he’s holding on to a vision of life free from danger, just as Nelson Mandela held on to a vision of a world free from apartheid.

I promised you a leadership talk, and now I'm going to deliver on my promise.

It turns out, the leadership style I've used in this situation is the Innovative style.

The Innovative leadership style shares a vision of an excellent future and is most effective for solving complex problems, like removing an unwanted cell tower.

Let's review our secrets to having patience:

1. The fundamental secret to patience is hope.

2. The path to hope is vision.

Now let's talk about our third step:

3. Vision is nurtured by happiness.

Remember what I said about my friend Jake? That he's always positive and upbeat?

Vision is delicate, like a young seedling.

It thrives in the gentle sunshine of happiness and the nourishing spring rain of persistence.

How do you stay happy when you're facing a challenge day after day?

Ultimately, happiness is a choice we make.

Have you noticed that when you smile, it's tough to feel sad? Go ahead try it! (SMILE)

Let's review what we've learned about being patient:

We learned that:

1. The real secret to patience is hope.

2. The path to hope is vision.

3. Vision is nurtured by happiness.

In summary, don't you believe that life really is a journey?

So, why not enjoy it along the way?

Remember that it's not over till it's over, keep your vision clear, and for heaven's sake, keep smiling!