This article is intended to provide direction for conversations with decision-makers and other stakeholders considering rollout of 5G (also known as 5th generation) communication technology.

It is important that you use relatively non-technical terminology, but the substance of our message must retain its scientific and technological integrity.

I have provided several links for those who desire further background information, but the bullet points themselves are designed to be utilized even without technological or scientific background.

What’s the issue?

  • The Colorado House of Representatives has passed House Bill 17- 1193, which allows cell phone companies to erect cell towers intended to be used to lay the foundation for 5G infrastructure.
  • 5G (also known as 5th Generation) technology combines microwave (2G through 4G) and millimeter wave (MMW) wireless radiation.  There is no scientific evidence to support any claim of 5G safety.
  • Since 5G signals don't travel far, unless people oppose 5G, antennas (“small cells”) will be installed every 3 to 10 homes on public right-of-way.  Current law just enacted  eliminates the ability for municipalities or individuals to block this installation.
  • Studies uniformly indicate there is significant negative impact on residential property values from installation of cell towers and antennas.
  • More importantly, an emerging robust scientific literature confirms widespread potentially deleterious effects to biological systems for this type of radiation. (Pakhomov et al., 1998 and others)
  • Current government human exposure guidelines haven't been updated in more than 20 years- and are only concerned with thermal exposures, not utilizing current scientific advances.

What can I do to repeal this misguided legislation?

  • Contact your Colorado State Senator and Representative to express your concern over House Bill 17-1193.
  • Contact your county commissioner, real estate associations and HOA leadership to inform them of the urgency of repealing this bill.
  • Call your city planning or permit department and find out who handles telecommunication applications.  Ask them who has applications pending for installation of “small cells”.  (If you ask about pending installations of 5G their records will not reflect activity; “small cells” are the terminology for the foundational element of 5G infrastructure.
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How about you?

How do you feel about being involuntarily subjected to a technology likely to have a negative impact on your health?  

What will you do to prevent daily exposure to 5G for you and your loved ones?